Go Vino Autumn Menu (March – end of May)

 Kaizen plates are designed to be shared. 

They come from the kitchen as they are ready, normally one at a time

Plates Priced $12 – $22 


Kaizen Plates- From the Garden

Wild Mushrooms (GF) - on crispy potato with a dark chocolate sauce

Savoury Cheesecake - with goats cheese and red onion jam

Vegetable Textures (GF) - puréed, chopped, pickled, fried and foamed

Mediterranean Salad (GF) - baby spinach, sun-dried tomatoes olives and potato omelette croutons


 Kaizen Plates – From the Ocean

Prawn Gnocchi - cooked in garlic butter with baby spinach and capsicum

Octopus (GF) - roasted nectarine, portobello mushrooms and truffle oil, with tomato and parmesan

Salmon Fillet (GF) - crispy skin with a licorice sauce and slaw

Tuna (GF) - kawa kawa crusted with pumpkin wasabi mousse and grape salsa

Hapuka (GF) - accompanied with mussels and leeks in a saffron broth


 Kaizen Plates – From the Farm

 Pork Terrine - with black pudding, roast garlic purée, crumbed deep fried egg and artichokes

Venison Carpaccio (GF) - carrot purée and parsnip crisps and baby beetroot

Duck Breast (GF) - smoked at your table with radish, orange,

wild roquette and broad bean salad with sherry

Baby Chicken - spatchcock, roasted with rosemary and pinenut farce and pea purée

Beef and Celeriac Lasagne (GF) - with baby spinach and horseradish cream

Lamb Backstrap (GF) - with pickled fennel, tomato, parsley, and a cauliflower cous cous

Ostrich Oyster (GF) - gourmet potatoes, salsa verde and wild mushrooms

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Ice Cream – a trio of gourmet ice cream

Lemon and Lime Meringue Pie – with roasted white chocolate and pecan crumble

Marquise Campfire – with marshmallows, meringues and peppermint flames

Berry Parfait – with apple sponge and yoghurt

Blue Cheese – with honeycomb and pear, dried fruit and crostini

Go Vino Affogato – vanilla bean ice cream with a shot of Patron XO coffee tequila

Gourmet Pizzas


American Ham and Pineapple

Mediterranean Lamb 

Greek Gourmet Vegetarian

Pohutukawa Smoked Chicken

Cajun Prawn

Spicy South-western Pork


Breakfast (from weekends)


Scrambled Eggs and Bacon

Eggs Benedict – with bacon or salmon

Kumara Rosti – with bacon or salmon

Black Bean Scramble

Go Vino Ledgendary  Big Breakfast


Lunch Menu

Open Gourmet Sandwiches –  Chicken or Beef, Fish

Vegetarian Omlette

Rocket Coffee

Fresh Baked bread available